Worcester Public Schools Teacher Contract 2018

The Worcester Public Schools teacher contract negotiations for 2018 have been a hot topic in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts. The current contract between the Worcester Public Schools and the Worcester Education Association (WEA) is set to expire at the end of August, and negotiations have been underway since early spring.

One of the main points of contention in these negotiations is salary. The WEA is pushing for a pay raise of 4.5%, while the school district has offered a raise of 2.5%. The WEA argues that teachers in Worcester are already at a disadvantage compared to neighboring districts, and that a higher salary is necessary to attract and retain the best educators.

Another issue being addressed in the contract negotiations is the length of the school day. The WEA has proposed reducing the length of the school day by 15 minutes. This proposal has received pushback from the district, which argues that shorter school days could negatively impact student learning.

The negotiation process has also been impacted by the recent departure of the school district`s superintendent, Maureen Binienda. Binienda was a key figure in the contract negotiations and her sudden departure has left many wondering how this will affect the ongoing negotiations.

Despite these challenges, both the WEA and the school district seem committed to reaching a fair and equitable agreement for all parties involved. Negotiations are ongoing, and both sides are hopeful that an agreement can be reached before the start of the new school year.

In conclusion, the Worcester Public Schools teacher contract negotiations for 2018 are a complex issue with many factors at play. Salary and the length of the school day are just two of the main issues being addressed in these negotiations. While challenges have arisen, both the WEA and the school district are working towards a resolution that will benefit all parties involved.